Energy Guru® SUNVEG Solar + Biogas Agri Produce Dryer:

SunVeg Dryer to save agricultural waste, create micro-entrepreneurs and give better health to urban population.

Article by: Geetanjali Patil Choori, CEO Co-Founder of Energy Guru®

Energy Guru® SunVeg dryer uses solar thermal and biogas energy to dry fruits, vegetables and herbs. SunVeg has been designed and developed for a village woman to help her become an entrepreneur by drying agri product that otherwise go waste, if not dried. SunVeg dries agri produce without any preservatives as well as Sun rays exposure to produce also helps keep food safe from growing any bacteria, unlike indoor dryers. The dried veggies are high-value light weight food produce can be sold that can be sold at market at significant margin to consumers via retail or wholesale or food processing entities. The SunVeg dryer and its business recognized by Deshpande Foundation as Top5 ideators in India. Many leading NGOs like SELCO Foundation, Mission Samruddhi, WHEELS Global Foundation have endorsed the

Agri Waste in India:
  • ✓ Although number 2 in production, in India, Only 2% are processed in India compared to 70% in USA.
  • ✓ ~30% of vegetables are lost due to harvesting.
Location: Pune, Maharashtra


SunVeg Dryer Advantages:
  • ✓ Solar Dryer is designed for easy operation by Women, Lightweight and mobile System
  • ✓ Affordable cost, quick payback
  • ✓ Uses solar and biogas energy – hence no operating cost compared to electric dryers
  • ✓ Concentration of Solar rays helps faster drying, giving better shelf life.
  • ✓ Dryer is useful for drying fruits, veggies, herbs
  • ✓ No energy needed once agri produce is dried
  • ✓ Room temperature storage, 6 months shelf life.
  • ✓ Weight ~70 to 90% less than original weight and space; Cheaper to transport
Advantages of use of Distributed Solar Drying:
  • ✓ 14 out of 17 SDGs!
  • ✓ Rural Livelihood, Save Food
  • ✓ Clean Cooking, Organic Fertilizer
  • ✓ Distributed Food Processing
  • ✓ Urban and Rural Health
  • ✓ No Chemical/No Preservatives in drying Healthy Dried Fruits, Veggies, Herbs, Flowers


Solar Dried Veggies for Urban Population:


A concept of creating micro-entrepreneurs using SunVeg Dryer:






SunVeg Beneficiaries supported by SELCO Foundation


About Energy Guru:

Energy Guru team is led by Geetanjali Choori. She has many innovations like SharperSun Solar Thermal Industrial Boiler, SolarDuster Waterless cleaning robots, FielderBot Industrial Surveillance and Concierge Robots. The team brings solid experience in project finance, technology and scalable solar products and experience from utility-scale energy market.


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