SunVeg, a subsidiary of EnergyGuru, was founded by Geetanjali Patil Choori, CEO of EnergyGuru, to help agri sector use clean energy in a innovative way and as a by product empower farming community.

It aims to create impact with following social perspective:

  • -Create Women Employment
  • -Create Micro Entreprenuers
  • -Provide high value for the farmers produce
  • -Leverage Bottom of The pyramid to build high value products
  • -Provide healthy and easy eating options to both urban & rural population
  • -Curb produce wastes especially when it is in abundance.

14 SDGs can be achieved by SunVeg Solar + Biogas Dryer

Some Of The Key Benefits

✓ On an average a farmer can have a minimal earning of 10,000 per month from dried produce.

✓ Thousands saved on fertilizer, The organic safe fertilizer that you get aims at improving health as well indirectly.

✓ Biogas usage saves around 2LPG cylinder per month. Its aims at clean cooking.

✓ Improving health & can avoid methane.

Where & How Can You Use SunVeg Dried Products

Add SunVeg to Read To Eat (RTE) or Read To Cook (RTC) Products

Reduce your plants operating costs, Reduce Time to Market.

Camping or Emergencies

Take SunVeg to camping or stock veggies for emergency purpose.

Natural Beauty Product

Add to manufacturing cosmetics using natural products like SunVeg beet root.

Exports to other Nations and States

SunVeg gives an oppotunity for many nations and states to taste the food that can not be grown locally.

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