The SunVeg Solar Dryer

The world’s first combination Solar and BioGas Dryer!


Over 33% of food produced in developing countries like India is lost before consumption. Most of our food is lost in the journey from farm to fork.

This is due to the following reasons :

  • ✓ Infrastructure for short term storage is poor
  • ✓ Humid conditions lead to spoilage of stored produce more quickly
  • ✓ Farmers overgrow to account for bad conditions
  • ✓ Transportation losses and poor packaging
  • ✓ And many more

Even the food that reaches us, may not be fresh but instead, contains added preservatives, sometimes natural but usually chemical. A lot of energy is required to keep food in the correct conditions for proper storage.

SunVeg aims to sustainably cut food loss through its unique and innovative solution using one it's product SunVeg Solar Dryer.

Why Dry?
  • ✓ Preserve excess Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers to stop food waste
  • ✓ Sustainable food processing using renewable energy
  • ✓ Upto 6 months shelf life with no added preservatives, not even salt!
  • ✓ Reduced moisture content prevents microbes and spoilage
  • ✓ Easy storage at room temperature and cheaper to transport.
  • ✓ Weight and Volume are 70-80% reduced, which makes handling easy.

Where & How Can You Use SunVeg Dried Products

Add SunVeg to Ready To Eat (RTE) or Ready To Cook (RTC) Products

Reduce your plants operating costs, Reduce Time to Market.

Camping or Emergencies

Take SunVeg to camping or stock veggies for emergency purpose.

Natural Beauty Product

Add to manufacturing cosmetics using natural products like SunVeg beet root.

Exports to other Nations and States

SunVeg gives an opportunity for many nations and states to taste the food that can not be grown locally.

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